Bruce Harrison, CPM and Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Harrison is the Chief Executive Officer, Majority owner, and Broker of record of The Beaumont Co. since 1994.

Bruce became a Property Manager in the early 1980’s and a Certified Property Manager in 1988. He has worked as a State Court Receiver and taught Real Estate Property Management for The University of California Los Angeles.

He grew up in the business, mentored by his Dad, Robert E. Harrison, and many other well known and accomplished industry leaders and owners.

Bruce works on a variety of daily issues pertaining to the overall management of the Company and buildings managed by the Company. Bruce manages a substantial portfolio of buildings. He is very focused on implementing preventive strategic plans with regard to business risk management, providing quality housing and service. He is aware of regulatory changes, market conditions, rent control laws, and cycles in Real Estate Economics. He has a long term record of improving income on properties, accelerated leasing, and improving the quality and value of the asset. He has a diverse client base for which he provides personalized services, including brokerage and consultation.

Phone: (323) 466-9761 x121
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